An Ocasion to celebrate

Like many people during this past year, Chaela and her husband Derrick have been socially distanced from loved ones and friends. They wanted to find a way to celebrate and share their pregnancy with their friends and family without seeing them in person, so they decided to do a maternity shoot!

We decided to shoot at the beautiful Zuma Canyon trails which gave us beautiful Santa Monica Mountain views with minimal walking involved. We were blessed with a beautiful overcast day which gave such soft light over all of the photos. Even thought we didn't get an epic golden hour sunset, I thought the light we had was fitting since I often think of mothers and newborns as very gentle, soft, and sweet. We were able to capture a mix of "traditional" maternity shots focused on the pregnancy, and I was also very happy to take some photos of Chaela and Derrick so they will have these photos to look back on with their kid and remember.